D9 Distillate Jars

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D9 Distillate Jars


Delta 9 Distillate will provide you a potent THC experience that is very versatile. You can dab it directly, infuse it into edibles, make topicals, or make your own carts!

  • 92% THC, ~2% CBD Lab Tested Distillate
  • D9 Distillate

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  • 10mL = $210 ($21.00/g)
  • 25mL = $425 ($17.00/g)
  • 50mL = $750 ($15.00/g)
  • 100mL = $1400 ($14.00/g)
What is distillate?

Distillate is a cannabis extract that is considered one of the most pure forms of THC possible. It is a concentrate that is crafted with a very extensive refinement method to separate compounds from the cannabis plant, stripping all material except one specific cannabinoid (in our case, THC).

People typically choose distillate because it is very potent due to its high THC content, and very versatile due to the lack of flavour. It can be dabbed, make edibles, create topicals, and more!

When you buy cannabis distillate online here at Pure Canadian Extracts, we truly believe in giving you a potent and versatile cannabis extract in the form of DISTILLATE!

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